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March 2016
Special Event — Homegrown
An evening of locally made films

We both enjoyed the local films the other evening. It made us realize how many complicated strands there are to film making and just how difficult it is to rely on a volunteer workforce in the absence of a wealthy backer. We were blown sideways with their energy and commitment so thank you all for organizing the evening — it was much appreciated.
Christine & Tony

August 2015
Your recent email reminding members of the reciprocal arrangement with the Ely Film Society prompted my wife and I to take advantage of this generous offer, so we duly went over the border to Cambridgeshire last Monday and were not disappointed. For those that don’t know the venue it is located in the Old Palace, a delightful building, part of the King’s School and just opposite the cathedral. They don’t have the advantage of raked seating as we do in the Arts Centre but being a comparatively small attendance, perhaps about 40 or so, this didn’t pose any problems. The Chairman in his pre-film introduction welcomed the presence of the half dozen King’s Lynn C.C.C. members who had turned up and indicated that he and his wife would come to our next film in August.

They certainly have a most interesting programme ahead with a strong foreign influence. On the night in question they showed Au Revoir les Enfants (1987), set in Catholic boarding school in Nazi occupied France. Great film, full of underlying tension, directed by Louis Malle. Next month’s showing is a Saudi Arabian piece — Wadja (2012) — should be interesting. I notice they are putting on a North Korean piece in time for Christmas — should have curiosity appeal!

I must say what a couple of good choices for the festival again this year. Such good value, especially Vincent and Theo — worth double the money considering its length! I think it just beat Seven Samurai for running time and was almost on a par with Das Boot! Maybe the latter is worth considering as a future selection along with the almost 4 hour 1927 Napoleon.

Anyway, I just wish to state what good value the film club continues to offer to its members and with the inclusion of the Ely programme even more so, and there you can purchase a can of ‘Old Speckled Hen’ on the way in!

If the film appeals, Ely is well worth the experience if one has nothing planned for the third Monday of the month!

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