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These events are enjoyable, informal and sociable with no prior knowledge of the films necessary and opportunities to gain insights into many different aspects of film via a combination of input, informal discussion and a variety of fascinating film clips.

The Covid-19 outbreak has restricted our ability to meet as a group, but our Close-up sessions have continued on-line using Zoom. We were almost all very new to Zoom, but everything worked well, and it was extremely gratifying to see so many familiar faces on screen.

We are delighted with the numbers taking part in these sessions, as well as the positive feed back we have received, and have decided that, despite KLCCC’s screenings returning to the real world, we will continue to present Close-Ups virtually. We hope that as we all gain confidence in using Zoom, others will join us. It really is very easy to follow the link, and there is nothing scary about it. You don’t need to contribute if you don’t want to, and you don’t even have to show your face (though of course we’d love to see you)!

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  Thursday 6thMay 7.30pm   GET READY TO SWING — BRITISH FILMS IN THE 1960s


Thursday 6thMay 7.30pm

Presented by Sue Burge via ZOOM

At the beginning of the 60s British cinema was in transition in a country ready for change.   The New Wave films of the 1950s continued into the early 60s depicting the Angry Young Men of working-class Britain.   Blacklisted American Joseph Losey brought his outsider’s eye to bear on the British class system in The Servant, Julie Christie became a screen icon in Darling and Dirk Bogarde highlighted the perils of oppression and discrimination in Victim.   This decade also saw the beginning of Bond with Sean Connery blasting onto the screen in Dr No.   Taboos were being broken, change was in the air, Beatlemania was getting into its stride and London was ready to swing.   In this session we will explore the trajectory of the decade via a variety of film stills and clips and see how the decade went from grim greyness to psychedelia!

Please let us know if you have any requests for future events.


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