Logo1bQ — Is there a waiting list?
A — No, you can join at any time.

Q — How do I join?
A — Send an e-mail to email hidden; JavaScript is required and we will send you more information.   It helps us to save costs if we use e-mail as the main point of contact and we ask for payment by bank transfer, rather than cheque if at all possible.

Q — Why can’t I pay on the door like any other cinema?
— You can.   We have a Day Memberhip facility where you can pay £5 on the door for the one film.

Q — How much does it cost?
— We run a 6 months’ membership for £17 for a minimum of 6 films plus extra films during the 6 months’ season.   If you join more than half way through a season the fee will be £10 for the remainder of the season.

Q — I only want to see one film
A — We have a Day Membership for £5 whereby visitors can pay on the door for the one film viewing.

Q — Is there disabled access?
A — Yes. There is a stair climber for a wheelchair which needs to be booked in advance as only one person is allowed to use it at each screening. This is for health and safety reasons — if there was a fire and the auditorium had to be evacuated only one person could use it at that time.

Q — Do you do anything else apart from show films?
A — Yes, quite a lot actually.  We have:

  • Evening Film Close-Ups — see our Events page. We charge £5 for entry on the door for members, £6 for non-members.   These events are held in the Nightingale Bar at Ferry Lane Social Club.
  • Pre and post-film suppers at local restaurants — our good friends in this respect are the Riverside Rooms, Pizza Express and Ferry Lane Social Club.   See our Events page.
  • Trips to film museums or film-related venues — like BFI, Wilton’s Music Hall, Angel Costumiers, the Cinema Museum in Lambeth, Aldeburgh, Southwold, Woodhall Spa and Wells Maltings.   We usually go by train or coach.

Q — Can non members attend any of these events?
A — Non-members can attend films for a one-off fee of £5 and to the educational Close-Ups for a fee of £6.

Q — How do you pick your films?
A — The films are chosen by a Programming Committee.   For details of the criteria used see the article How Do We Choose Films For The Club.

Q — Do you get feedback from the audience about films you have shown?
A — Yes we do.   See our Film Archive page where there is a montage of all the films shown at the club plus feedback from members since April 2013.

Q — How do you keep members updated on what you are doing?
A — We have monthly Newsletters and we also send out additional e-mails when we have some extra information to share.   We have twitter and Facebook accounts and a content-rich website with member contributions, photos and lots more.


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