Films normally start at 7.30pm in The Guildhall of St George, King Street.   Members and their guests can sign in from approx 7pm.


Forthcoming Film Dates for your Diary

Virtual Screening
Thursday 13th May — PAIN AND GLORY
Guildhall Screenings
Thursday 1st July – PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE
Thursday 12th August – DAYS OF THE BAGNOLD SUMMER
Thursday 26th August – THE FAREWELL

Just to remind you that KLCCC is offering you the chance to join us for a ‘virtual’ screening online, on Thursday 13th May. You can watch ‘Pain and Glory’ (2019), Pedro Almodóvar’s much-lauded film telling the tale of an ageing film director who has lost his creative spark. It is nostalgic, contemplative and provocative, featuring a career-best performance from Antonio Banderas.

This film will be made accessible to you via your PC or Laptop (other devices such as smartphones or tablets do NOT work). You can connect your PC/ Laptop to a TV or projector via an HDMI cable if you want to watch it on a larger screen.

KLCCC does not propose to charge members for these screenings, but we do need to know whether or not you intend to join us because our costs will be based on the number of viewers.

Please can you let us know if you intend to watch the film by sending an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required as soon as possible to enable us to make the booking.

If your circumstances change, you can still let us know by email up to 4 days before the screening.

On the day of the screening, everyone who has indicated they would like to view the film will be sent a URL (the web link to the log-in page), along with your required sign-in credentials, event start time and technical instructions.

You should join the screening via the URL link and use the supplied sign-in information.

We will time the film to be shown ‘as live’ for everyone, with a prompt 7.30pm start time. Under the terms of the licence, the film CANNOT be paused or saved to be watched later. We therefore recommend that you join at least 15 minutes before the start time, to ensure everything is working — the virtual screening room opens two hours before the film starts.

You will need to use either Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari as your internet browser — Internet Explorer will NOT work. I’m afraid we have no Social Events to report at the moment. However, we’ll explore our options for social activities including meals and trips once we emerge from lockdown and it becomes clear what is permissible.

In case you are in an area of relatively poor wi-fi reception, please be aware that you will need a connection speed of over 5 Mbps to watch the film (and it is recommended that you close any other tabs you may have open).

There is a chat bar facility available for you to use to type in your comments and observations during the film if you so wish; please give yourself a user name if you choose to participate. If you prefer to watch your film full screen without a chat bar that is fine, but you can also log in to a second device such as a smartphone or tablet purely to join in any chat.

We hope that you will be able to join us and that you’ll enjoy this online screening.
All being well we will see you again face-to-face in June, but in the meantime please stay safe

In anticipation that we might be able to start screening films from June, we’ve booked up the following film dates at the Guildhall with Alive Leisure for the remainder of 2021.

Thursday 10th June
Thursday 1st July
Thursday 12th August
Thursday 26th August (extra screening)
Thursday 9th September
Thursday 14th October
Thursday 28th October (extra screening)
Thursday 11th November
Thursday 9th December


Thursday 13thMay 7.30pm

Virtual Screening
Drama — (2019) — 108 mins — Cert 15
Spanish subtitled — drug misuse

Director: Pedro Almodóvar
Cast includes Antonio Banderas, Asier Etxeandia, Leonardo Sbaraglia

Pain and Glory tells of a series of re-encounters experienced by Salvador Mallo, a film director in his physical decline. Some of them in the flesh, others remembered: his childhood in the 60s, when he emigrated with his parents to a village in Valencia in search of prosperity, the first desire, his first adult love in the Madrid of the 80s, the pain of the breakup of that love while it was still alive and intense, writing as the only therapy to forget the unforgettable, the early discovery of cinema, and the void, the infinite void that creates the incapacity to keep on making films. Pain and Glory talks about creation, about the difficulty of separating it from one’s own life and about the passions that give it meaning and hope. In recovering his past, Salvador finds the urgent need to recount it, and in that need he also finds his salvation as past and present come crashing down around him.


Julieta Serrano and Antonio Banderas already played mother and son, more than 30 years before, in another two movies by Pedro Almodóvar: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988) and Matador (1986)

Has been selected as the Spanish entry for Best International Feature Film at the 92nd Academy Awards.

When Federico talks about his family to Salvador during a drink, Antonio Banderas (Salvador) was actually on the verge of tears performing the scene.




Thursday 10thJune 7.30pm

Comedy — Drama — (2019) — 115 mins — Cert PG
mild violence, threat, brief bloody images

Director: Armando Iannucci
Cast includes Dev Patel, Hugh Laurie, Tilda Swinton, Ben Whishaw, Gwendoline Christie, Aneurin Barnard

Some of the film is set in Yarmouth but filmed in Lynn. A fresh and distinctive take on Charles Dickens’ semi-autobiographical masterpiece, The Personal History of David Copperfield, set in the 1840s, chronicles the life of its iconic title character as he navigates a chaotic world to find his elusive place within it. From his unhappy childhood to the discovery of his gift as a storyteller and writer, David’s journey is by turns hilarious and tragic, but always full of life, colour and humanity.


Morfydd Clark plays two characters in the film – Clara Copperfield (David’s mother) and Dora Spenlow – the protagonist’s love.

The Angel Hotel in Bury St Edmunds, in Suffolk, England, features in the movie. Charles Dickens once stayed there and part of the book The Pickwick Papers is set there.

At approximately 1:02, Copperfield walks out of The Exorcists House in Kings Lynn, which was the one time residence of F.R. Buckley




Thursday 1stJuly 7.30pm

Drama Romance— (2019) — 122 mins — Cert 15
French & Italian subtitled — sexualised nudity

Director: Celine Sciamma
Cast includes Luana Bajrami, Adele Haenel, Noemie Merlant, Armande Boulanger, Christel Baras, Valeria Golino

France, 1760. Marianne is commissioned to paint the wedding portrait of Héloïse, a young woman who has just left the convent. Because she is a reluctant bride-to-be, Marianne arrives under the guise of companionship, observing Héloïse by day and secretly painting her by firelight at night. As the two women orbit one another, intimacy and attraction grow as they share Héloïse’s first moments of freedom. Héloïse’s portrait soon becomes a collaborative act of and testament to their love. Winner of a coveted Cannes prize and one of the best reviewed films of the year, PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE solidifies Céline Sciamma as one of the most exciting filmmakers working in the world today. Noémie and Adèle Haenel turn the subtle act of looking into a dangerous, engrossing thrill, crafting the most breathtaking and elegant performances of the year. To watch Marianne and Héloïse fall in love is to see love itself invented onscreen. With contemporary themes in period dress, PORTRAIT OF A LADY ON FIRE is one of the greatest love stories ever told.


The paintings by Marianne were all created by painter Hélène Delmaire, whom Noémie Merlant worked closely with to inform her character’s perspectives and sight lines when painting.

The film was shot in 8k. Céline Sciamma wanted to capture a large dynamic range of colors and for the film to feel contemporary, whereas 35mm felt too timeless.

Noémie Merlant painted 16 hours every day during the course of filming




Thursday 12thAugust

Comedy Drama — (2019) — 86 mins — Cert 12
infrequent strong language

Director: Simon Bird
Cast includes Monica Dolan, Earl Cave, Rob Brydon

The Inbetweeners star Simon Bird’s directorial debut is a funny, charming and wince-inducingly accurate adaptation of Joff Winterhart’s graphic novel, with a soundtrack by Belle & Sebastian. Days of the Bagnold Summer sweetly draws you into the wobbly relationship between well-intentioned single librarian Sue Bagnold and her black-clad teenage son Daniel, who’d rather listen to Metallica than his mother. Daniel was meant to spend the summer in Florida visiting his dad, but is now stuck with Mum following the trip’s cancellation. The film boasts supporting turns by Rob Brydon and Alice Lowe, but belongs to its two leads. Long-suffering Sue is sympathetically portrayed by Monica Dolan, with Earl Cave’s Daniel a suitably lank-haired, pale-skinned picture of adolescent metal-head angst.


The film is an adaptation of Joff Winterhart’s 2012 graphic novel of the same name.

Simon Bird and Tamsin Greig starred together in Friday Night Dinner.

Some scenes of the film were shot in Bromley, Greater London, including The Glades Shopping Centre, and the Odeon cinema in Orpington.




Thursday 26thAugust

Comedy Drama — (2019) — 100 mins — Cert PG
English & Mandarin – subtitles — mild bad language, sex references

Director: Lulu Wang
Cast includes Awkwafina, Tzi Ma, Diana Lin, Jim Liu, Shuzhen Zhou, Gil Perez-Abraham

A headstrong Chinese-American woman returns to China when her beloved grandmother is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Billi struggles with her family’s decision to keep grandma in the dark about her own illness as they all stage an impromptu wedding to see grandma one last time.



In addition to writing and directing, Lulu Wang also plays piano on the film’s soundtrack.

Early in the film Billi discovers a bird has flown into her apartment and while trying to set it free receives a call from her grandmother. Many superstitions cite a bird flying into the home as a sign of impending death.

The joke about the cat dying and “mom is on the roof” told around the dinner table is the same joke told by astronaut Peter Willis to himself as he is climbing up a desert cliff in the 1977 movie Capricorn One (1977). Seconds later, he is ambushed and killed by government helicopters.

Included among the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die”, edited by Steven Schneider.





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