Thanks to all those who completed our survey. The results are summarised below. You can see the full results here.
2016 Member Survey Results.

52 people responded to the survey of which 44 were members, 6 named others and 2 regular guests. 95% of respondents had been members for more than 2 years or more, most of whom had been with us for more than 3 years.
The responses show that our members come from a wide area around King’s Lynn. However far away people live they are equally as likely to attend films and close up events.
The comments at the end of the survey were very encouraging indicating that overall you felt the committee was doing a good job.

Most people attended more than 5 films in the past year.
Pleasingly, most people are happy with the choice of films offered although there is some room for improvement. There is some indication that people who are less satisfied with the choice come to fewer films.
We seem to be pleasing most people with the breadth of our film choices. The categories that the most people would like to see more of are: World / Foreign, Comedy, Crime / Thriller and Drama with fewer Silent films, Westerns and Sci-Fi.
People who are least satisfied with our overall choice would like to see fewer silent, documentary, romance and western films.
Most people are happy with the number of films we show and are happy with our main screenings being shown on Thursdays.

We asked for your comments on the King’s Lynn Arts Centre as a venue?
Overall you like the venue. There were many positive comments, the main things you like are :

  • Cinema-like
  • Size
  • Tiered seats
  • Historic, atmospheric
  • Central location

Quite a few people said that the following need improvement :

  • Heating
  • Seating
  • Toilets

We have a solid core of people who attend the Close-up events and day schools and an encouraging number who indicated that they would be attending in future.
Those of you who attended found the subjects interesting and the presenter inspiring and knowledgeable.

All our social events have proved popular especially the pre-film refreshments, pre-film meals and outings.

Most of you seem happy with the methods and content of our communications. Most of you read the newsletter every month and use this as your main source of information about forthcoming events. The website is also popular. Very few people use the Facebook page with more than half not using Facebook.

You can see the full results here.
2016 Member Survey Results.

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