Logo1bQ — Is there a waiting list?
A — No, you can join at any time.

Q — How do I join?
A — Send an e-mail to email hidden; JavaScript is required and we will send you more information.   It helps us to save costs if we use e-mail as the main point of contact and we ask for payment by bank transfer, rather than cheque if at all possible.

Q — Why can’t I pay on the door like any other cinema?
— You can.   We have a Day Memberhip facility where you can pay £5 on the door for the one film.

Q — How much does it cost?
— We run a 6 months’ membership for £17 for a minimum of 6 films plus extra films during the 6 months’ season.   If you join more than half way through a season the fee will be £10 for the remainder of the season.

Q — I only want to see one film
A — We have a Day Membership for £5 whereby visitors can pay on the door for the one film viewing.

Q — Is there disabled access?
A — Yes. There is a stair climber for a wheelchair which needs to be booked in advance as only one person is allowed to use it at each screening. This is for health and safety reasons — if there was a fire and the auditorium had to be evacuated only one person could use it at that time.

Q — Do you do anything else apart from show films?
A — Yes, quite a lot actually.  We have:

  • Evening Film Close-Ups — see our Events page. We charge £5 for entry on the door for members, £6 for non-members — this includes a glass of something alcoholic or not, whatever you prefer.   These events are held at Thoresby College on the South Quay.   Please book a place by e-mailing email hidden; JavaScript is required to make sure we have enough glasses, photocopies and drinks.
  • Pre and post-film suppers at local restaurants — our good friends in this respect are the Riverside Rooms, The Rathskeller, Pizza Express and The Bank House.   See our Events page.  Bookings are to be made in advance direct with the venue.
  • Trips to film museums or film-related venues — like BFI, Wilton’s Music Hall, Angel Costumiers, and the Cinema Museum in Lambeth.   We usually go by train, meet at the station and travel from there.

Q — Can non members attend any of these events?
A — Non-members can attend films for a one-off fee of £5 and to the educational Close-Ups for a fee of £6 which includes refreshments.

Q — How do you pick your films?
A — The films are chosen by a Programming Committee.   For details of the criteria used see the article How Do We Choose Films For The Club.

Q — Do you get feedback from the audience about films you have shown?
A — Yes we do.   See our Film Archive page where there is a montage of all the films shown at the club plus feedback from members since April 2013.

Q — How do you keep members updated on what you are doing?
A — We have monthly Newsletters and we also send out additional e-mails when we have some extra information to share.   We have twitter and Facebook accounts and a content-rich website with member contributions, photos and lots more.


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