The Chairman recently received this letter from a member…

“At the showing of The Cranes are Flying you requested any memories of films shot in Norfolk. The authority on this is a Mr Philip Yaxley who, together with Michael Armstrong, puts on monthly film shows (summer excluded) at the ex-servicemen’s club in Wymondham, formerly the Regal.
Norfolk Films1Probably the most recent film (shown in March) shot in 2010 on Cromer pier and its environs is I’m in Love with Alma Cogan. Mr Yaxley interviewed the writer at the screening. He frequently does this with actors before a screening; sometimes it’s so long ago they hardly remember. He writes to the actors and has a large personal collection of stills, signed photographs and programmes. I do not have his number but I do have Mr Armstrong’s, the projectionist’s.

Norfolk Films2My personal recollection is of Revolution. In the ‘80s I was working in Lynn at what was then The Department of Health & Social Security. Quite a number of people claiming means tested Supplementary Benefit took work as film extras, failing to report any earnings and subsequently denying any part they were playing to the Fraud Officers. Evidence was provided in the extensive photographic coverage given to the event by the Lynn News & Advertiser.”
Name and address supplied

Norfolk Films3And let’s not forget…
…another Norfolk-made film, The Go-Between, adapted from L P Hartley’s 1953 novel of the same name.
The rights to the novel had been acquired by Sir Alex Korda who envisaged Alec Guinness playing the lead! Directed by Joseph Losey in 1970, it had a star cast: Julie Christie, Alan Bates, Margaret Leighton, Michael Gough, Edward Fox and introduced the 14 year old Dominic Guard, who played the go-between Leo.
It was shot in Melton Constable Hall, Heydon and Norwich. Dominic Guard has since left acting and is now a child psychotherapist in London!

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