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Sep 2014 – Two Sons of Ireland Contemplate the Meaning of ‘Calvary’
Aug 2014 – Studio Ghibli and Goro Miyazaki
Jul 2014 – Ralph Fiennes on The Invisible Woman, Playing Dickens, and His Forgotten Film
Jun 2014 – Nicholas Ray and the Making of Rebel Without a Cause
Apr 2014 – Special effects and influences in Fritz Lang’s Metropolis
Mar 2014 – Philomena Lee
Feb 2014 – Woody Allen – Interview with David Calhoun
Jan 2014 – L P Hartley, the author of The Go-Between
Dec 2013 – Miracle on 34th Street
Nov 2013 – Josh Whedon — Much Ado About Nothing
Oct 2013 – Electric Picture Palace in Southwold
Sep 2013 – Australian Films
Aug 2013 – Norfolk Films
May 2013 – Diamonds, not always a girl’s best friend
Feb 2013 – Don’t Look Now … or A History of Cleavage
Jan 2013 – Can a Hollywood rom-com and a mythical Greek tell us anything?
Dec 2012 – Prometheus, the unanswered questions
Nov 2012 – The Philosophical Content of Film
May 2012 – Memories of Lynn Cinemas
Apr 2012 – My Favourite Film
Feb 2012 – How do we choose films for the club?


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